Friday, February 3, 2012

Letter Love 101 Class 2012

The online class I am taking (taught by Joanne Sharpe here's her blog
started this past Wednesday and I am so excited!  This class is a lettering and journaling class and we will be  working with different kinds of pens, markers, and journals...

I have always been told that I have very neat handwriting.  Some people have even told me that I write
the same way I was taught in the second grade.  That's not to say that I write like a second grader but
that I haven't changed it - I still add the little loop at the top of the letter "C" and I still write an "F" the
way I was taught...

I use a lot of words in my art, and all of the words I print out on vintage paper via the computer.
I would like to be able to use some of my own handwriting, I think it's another level of
expressing myself.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - I am going to spend mine
practicing lots of new letters!