Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer, Art, and Keeping up with Life!

How does life get to be so busy!  Fiona's First Communion really through me off.  At least when it's Alexa's turn, in two years, I will have done it once - so it shouldn't be as crazy.

We are almost ready to move into our new "old" house.  My husband, Andrew, has been working really, really hard at restoring it back to it's original splendor.  Behind the garage is a never ending pile of discarded slate roofing tiles.  As soon as I saw them sitting there, piled in all their glory, I just knew I had to try collaging them.

I have also discovered that the smaller broken pieces make beautiful magnets.  I have already started selling those at Gabby Road Studios, the art gallery here in Norwalk.  They are quick to make and I can get a lot of them finished in a short amount of time.  Which is very important because lately, time seems to be the thing that I have the least of!

Finally, my parent's camper has officially opened for the summer!!  I can't wait for lazy summer evenings spent sitting around their campfire watching the girls roast marsh mellows and trying to catch lightning bugs.  And my father  - will be the biggest kid of them all.  What is your favorite summer memory?  Leave a post answering my question (by June 2nd) and I will put your name in a hat for a drawing for a magnet.  :)

Blessings ~Cassie

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doing some much needed updating!

First I must apologize for such a delay in posting!  Life has gotten extremely busy these last three months.  We are in the process of moving to a new home (same great town just a new "old" home).  Fiona made her First Communion in May and the hubby is planning a big business trip in June.  I am working on "revamping" my blog - it's only been four years!  So please bare with me while I muddle through this, in the mean time please enjoy some First Communion photos.