Monday, May 26, 2008

Yarn has a way of speaking to you when you hold it in your hands (if you are a knitter, crocheter, spinner or felter you will know what I mean! Fiber like Shetland screams I will keep you warm, baby Alpaca whispers let me cuddle with your little one and Cashmere coos about being soft and pretty on the skin.

Knit scarf burgundy
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I love earth tone colors and softness. This yarn has both of those qualities! It is 45% silk and 55% cashmere. I knitted this small scarf based on a fish bone pattern for a much longer scarf. I just wanted something that would look decorative, not really keep me warm. As much as I would love to try a large intricate lace project I find that improvised shorter projects are the ones that I am most readily able to accomplish.

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Dee said...

What a beautiful and rich color! What great yarn, very luxurious!