Thursday, June 5, 2008

Art as a History Lesson...

About ten days ago, I was asked to participate in a truly unique and wonderful project. I received an email from Jillian, a fellow blogger. She is a homeschooling mom who is working on a great project for her son's history lesson. They are studying the Holocaust and, as a way to remember all of the victims that lost their lives to this great tragedy, they are collecting stars. The stars represent the Jewish people that perished during this horrible time in world history. They eventually will display the stars in the front yard and donate them to a charitable cause. READ THIS: as of last week, she and her son have collected over 700 stars!!! She is posting some of the stars she receives on her blog. If you want to participate in this awesome project visit Jillian at Post a comment that you want to send her a star and she will be in touch with you. Wouldn't it be great if she and her son could break a record or something? Have a blessed day!

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The Other Side of Me said...


This is such an amazing project. I can't believe that they have collected 700 stars. The star you made is gorgeous and such a wonderful rememberance.