Monday, June 30, 2008

Holy Sweet Cherry Trees!

Cherries in tree
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Andrew was out at the property yesterday morning when he discovered four cherry trees on our property! Most of our 18 acres is open field. There is a tree line on our Western boundery. We have always assumed that most of the trees on that property line were Crab Apples. Last summer we had so little rain that not much beared fruit anyway, so we never paid too much attention to them. Well yesterday, Andrew was out there with the dog and actually looked at the trees and discovered they were not Crab Apple trees but Cherry trees and loaded with fruit!! We took the girls back out there later in the day and loaded up our baskets! It was so great to discover this right on our property. I told Andrew that we should look at this as a special gift from God because earlier in the Spring he wanted to buy a couple of cherry trees from the local nursery but we really couldn't afford it. Now we have four fully matured (big and large) Cherry trees already on the property!! Have a great day!


jess @ lost button studio said...

That is so cool that you have 18 acres! And cherry trees you are just discovering and wild berries. How fun!

sara said...

My gosh you have a lot of land! A cherry turnover would be easy to make to, even with small amouns of cherries, if you don't have enough for a pie.