Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A little tree for the front porch...

close up of front porch tree
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Back in May my husband, Andrew, and I attended a benefit for the Norwalk Catholic School. We went with another couple, Monica and Mike, and had a really nice time. There was a silent auction and Monica bid on this little tree that had three wooden ballerina ornaments on it. All she really wanted was the ballerina ornaments for her daughter's dance recital. On the way home we all joked about what she was going to do with the little tree (there were no other decorations on it, just the three ballerinas which she had already removed). Andrew had jokingly told her to leave it on some one's tree lawn. Well low and behold when we woke up the next morning there sat the little tree on our front porch! I brought the tree into the living room with every intention of putting a note on it that said "tag, you're it!" I was then going to sneak over to her house and put it on her front porch. However, as of Monday, it was still sitting here in my living room. I finally decided that the tree just had to be decorated. I added some red beads, some pheasant feathers, some buttons and some embellished tags and voila a pretty little tree for the front porch!


A Brush with Color said...

sounds like it's been adopted! Sweet tree!

Heather said...

Hi Cassie!~ Nice to meet you :) that tree looks so cute, I LOVE it with buttons! Way to be crafty :)