Monday, July 14, 2008

Good things come to those who wait...

About seven years ago I was at the Saint John West Shore Festival of the Arts (SJWS Hospital in Westlake, Ohio holds a large juried art show every year-it's big.) and I bought a purse from a designer/artist from Toledo. Her name was Tara Hubbard. I loved that purse, and every year I would return to the SJWS Festival of the Arts hoping to have the opportunity to buy another purse. Well Friday night was my night to finally get my chance. I wasn't even paying attention; my sister and mother were at her booth and I walked over there to see what they were looking at. When my sister showed me an adorable brown and pink bag she liked I noticed the inside label... Low and behold it was the designer/artist I had been looking for during the last six years! And get this, I was using my original Tara Hubbard Handbag! For any of you that love purses, good ones, that are in a reasonable price range, and are adorable and made well (I could go on and on!) visit her website at I will be posting a badge with a link some time tomorrow. But for now enjoy the pictures of my new bag! Have a great day.

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The Other Side of Me said...


What an awesome bag. What great luck to run into her things again. I will go check out her stuff. Enjoy your new bag.