Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Ornaments...

I'm completing more ornaments. This group is going to be a classic bulb on a very glittery blue canvas. I wanted something that would look really good on an all white Christmas tree. The kind of ornament that would look good hanging up through out the winter just because it sparkles so much. I will post a picture of the completed ornament when I am finished with it. Making these ornaments has been a lot of fun. It has also forced me to focus on one project at a time. My goal for this craft fair is to really just have a good time. However, if I could sell even just a few ornaments I would be excited. As a stay at home mom I have no money that is really just mine. It bothers me a bit that I buy Andrew a Christmas present and he is really paying for it. I realize that this is just the way it is (and so does he) but I would love to be able to buy him something for Christmas that he didn't have to pay for! Even if it is something simple like a music CD.

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