Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One more embroidered Christmas Gift...

My sister's in-laws, Jean and Don, are really wonderful people. They treat my girls as if they were their own grandchildren and I feel blessed to know them. Jean loves to go to garage sales and all I need to do is tell her what I'm looking for and she finds it, buttons, embroidery thread, old books, you name it and she tracks it down. I embroidered this picture of my niece Giada for them...

I plan to mat the picture with a coordinating fabric. They bought a small summer cottage on the river in Tiffin Ohio and they plan to call the place "the river house". I think this will go well with a lot of Jean's country wicker furnishings.

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Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful.
Really I need to learn to embroider because pretty little elements and feminine extras are right up my ally.
I have been enjoying the hand-made objects I was able to make this year, once I got over the fact that I could not do everything that I wanted to.
Thanks for all the nice comments you left. I hope you are feeling a little less like a chicken with its head cut off...and more like a busy and blessed women...I am teetering between the two.
How old is your daughter?