Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bead Journal Project for January...

I have joined the Bead Journal project for 2011 I have decided to keep my journal small, 4 x 6 and to just play around with it. I transfered a bunch of small photos (2x2) using a transparency technique and will be using those photos in my bead journal. The idea is to do one bead project a month and then post it on the blog. I've always loved beading but the extent of my beading has always been just to embellish embroidery. I plan to practice different beading techniques in my different journal projects. On a side note, the transparency transfer technique (I got from the winter 2011 issue of Sew Somerset) is very fun! I can't wait to try more...

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Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful...I have a sister-in-law who is a real beading guru. I am tempted to learn...but alas too many creative endeavors is just too many. Good luck on your monthly submissions. Have you added anything recently to the ClothPaperScissors forum recently?
I really look forward to January each year as my "hunker down" month. Always start a new pretty project. Looks like you got yours.
I am either gonna learn embroidery (partly because of your lovely creations), or concentrate spending my precious extra time taking the bagful of old family photos my Mother gave me, and making them into some mixed-media wall hangings.
Keep on creating and lovin that family of yours.