Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Such A Proud Mommy!

Fiona and Alexa each got an embroidery kit for Christmas from Santa Claus. Yesterday, due to freezing rain and a lot of ice, the schools were closed. The girls decided they wanted to try out their embroidery kits...

Alexa did not want me to take her picture, but Fiona was more than happy to let mommy click away with her camera! Notice that Fiona is embroidering the leaves purple; when I started to prepare the green thread for her she said that she didn't want to make the leaves green. So I asked her "what do you mean?" and she replied "mommy, you never follow the directions on your projects - you just use the colors you want to use". So - she decided that she wanted to make her leaves purple...

I think she's doing very well - and such concentration! They both sat at the dining room table for over a half an hour (pretty good, especially for the five year old) and worked on their embroidery. It made me so proud to see the two of them creating, I can't wait until they are finished. Now that the ice is over we are getting lots of snow, maybe even another snow day tomorrow, have a Blessed week everyone!


Garden Girl said...

They are great! You should be proud. Make sure to post them when they are done! Your daughters are so talented!

Heather said...

she's doing an awesome job! Looks like you have a new fiber artist on your hands :)

Garden Girl said...

I answered your question about owl pellets on my blog in the comments.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like seeing your own daughters, following in our creative footsteps is there?
You should be proud, not only of your sweet girls, but of yourself.
A snow day is the perfect chance to "get caught up with housework" and plunk your kids in front of the TV.
You chose to invest time in them instead.
Keep creating.