Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Photographic Friday - but a little late...

We had an extremely busy weekend so I'm sorry this is late! Just a couple of lovely photos to remind everyone of why we love summer:)

Hope you are all having a happy and safe summer! Blessings.

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Jenny Petricek said...

Hi there, friend! I love the photo of the waterfall in this post...I grew up in a charming, historic little town in eastern Wisconsin called Sheboygan Falls, and of course the falls there were the most well-known features of the community; in the town's early days, the falls provided energy for mills and factories along the river. When walking down one of the main streets, you can hear nothing but the falls behind the buildings, rumbling and crashing and foaming, and it's a sound I've never heard in any of the other places I've lived since leaving home almost 15 years ago! The photo brings me back, and I feel a little homesick! Great pic!