Monday, September 12, 2011

Trying To Get Into a Creating Groove...

Wow! I really don't know where the time is going.  I thought that once school started I would fall right into a schedule...ha!  I have started to put together my Etsy shop, however, learning the technology is going to take me a few days.  It's not that it's really hard to put the shop online -it's just learning the most efficient ways to do things, remembering to tag this, link to that, and I really don't have a good grasp on HTML.  But I'm getting there:)

I have been playing around with some broken slate pieces and collage.  They are the perfect size for magnets and I have an almost unlimited access to them.  They are fun to do and I enjoy making them, now if I can just get a handle on creating the Etsy page.

I do have a question though for all of you successful, prolific creators;  how do you set aside the time for your art and stick with it?  For example, when the girls started back to school this year I decided that Tuesdays and Thursdays would be my art making days.  This worked well for the first week, but by week two I had school stuff to do on both Tuesday and Thursday.  Also - how do I not feel guilty for working on my art when I have to pass the dirty clothes pile several times a day?  I know - I shouldn't feel guilty but I do. So that is my question for the week - how do you make time for your art and not feel guilty about it?  I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Katie said...

I wish the best of luck with the etsy shop! That sounds really fun,and something I may do in the future too-we'll see! ha! Like you, I have a hard time putting aside time to create. It seems if I say I will do something on this day, I never do, but if I make no plans I could end up painting or sewing all night! xo

Anonymous said...

See, I knew that Etsy was not in the stars for me. I know just what you are talking about it though. My advice would be to start your days real early. To either get a jump on daily stuff like laundry, kitchen stuff, or to quietly gather your thoughts alone and decide how to order your day. This is when I pray; daily prayer will infuse lots of perspective in your life at every level, which is just what busy women need. Don't feel guilty about having your girls start helping more with house stuff either. They are big girls. My 4th, 3rd, and Kinder put away laundry and empty the dishwasher. Have hubby help you with a plan of attack. So many times I'm stressing and falling apart and Tim comes up to me and says, why didn't you ask me? Lastly, the book The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole has lots of practical advise.
It can be a dangerous thing to ask me for advise.

Anonymous said...

With all my advice giving I forgot to mention that I love the collage magnets made from broken slate, you really do have great and unique artwork.

Anonymous said...


In answer to your question: You never do get over feeling guilty. It is sort of payment for doing what you love, instead of what you should. (Laundry, painting, yard work, finishing the basement rec-room)
I love you.