Friday, January 20, 2012

Finally Starting My New Year!

I'm so sorry I've neglected everyone!  We had a busy start to the year here in Norwalk.  My daughter, Fiona had eye surgery on the 16th and now that she is recovering beautifully I feel like I can finally start my New Year. Amazing how a relatively routine outpatient procedure can consume your whole world when it's someone you love. 

Now for a little bit of exciting news.  On Thursday January 26th I will be teaching a class in making this "Remember You Are" collage at Gabby Road Studios.  This is the new art gallery/studio that opened up right before Christmas and have sold several picture frames there.  The owner, Sharon, asked me if I would be interested in teaching a class in collage - I told her that I did not consider myself a master craftsman but I would be more than happy to show other people how much fun, and 
how inspiring collage can be.

I have also been busy making more coffee cozies. I thought hearts with reds and pinks was a pretty good idea being that Valentine"s Day is coming up soon.  I forget how therapeutic it is to embroider, there is just something about pulling a needle and thread... 

I wrote this Haiku sometime last year but was reminded of it yesterday - enjoy and have a great weekend.

"Calmly, quietly,
Steadiness in pulling thread
Peace in Needlework"


Leah said...

Good to hear from you again Cassie.
So glad that life seems to be getting back on a smoother can I relate. Whereas, I have neglected my studio and kept with the blogging, but am getting back into my room. That is great news about the class, and your frames.
I hope it brings you much joy and many unexpected blessings.

Anonymous said...

Hey, with cold weather I haven't been in my studio for eons! Thanks, Cassie, for all the great comments you leave on my have no idea how much they mean to me!
Paula at mixed media manic

Jenny Petricek said...

HI Cassie! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and that Fiona's having a smooth recovery!

I love, love, love this project! Love the shabby-chic, altered look of it. And stitching, too! I am a new convert to including hand-stitching on my projects, and I just love the look and texture it adds to a piece.

I hope you have great fun teaching your class! I wish we lived closer to each other, so I could join in!:-)