Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trying A Little "Drawing"...

One of the things that I wish I could do better was draw.  I don't mean doodle flowers - I love doing that but sometimes I wish I could really draw, you know, like illustrate scenes...

I have really given thought to taking a class, but every time I have looked into it the class schedules just don't match up with my family's schedule.  So I decided that if I just started "drawing", and practicing I will get better at it.

 So here it my first real attempt at drawing a scene. I drew a picture of a place that makes me happy and relaxed.  My family always camped while I was growing up.  Some of my fondest memories are at a campsite.  So it just seemed natural for me to start with that.  Perhaps that is why I like doodling flowers so much - I seem to have a strong, calming connection with the outdoors.

Even today, my parents have long since "upgraded" to a permanent campsite with a big RV kind of camper.  But as soon as we are packed in the car and headed to "the camper" my whole sense of being relaxes. My girls are the same way - they love to be outside, with a campfire, and lazy days and nights.  Have a Blessed week everyone!


Leah said...

For the longest time I resisted it sounding like a dirty, work-filled weekend for me. And camping with babies, is not all that relaxing. But now that the babe is 3 and a half (i can't believe it) it is a whole new world. We went in May and are going several more times this Summer.
Your scenes are excellent...keep it up.

Jenny Petricek said...

Great work, Cassie! I think your drawings are lovely, especially the colors you've chosen! I too have never had much formal training in drawing, and never had much confidence in my skills. I've also thought about taking classes, but I always come up with some excuse (I think my reluctance stems from being afraid to be bad at it). I need to take some classes, now that I'm going back to school for graphic design...but I should also try to practice my drawing, too, on my own. I think these pieces are gorgeous, and they've inspired me to give it a try, too!