Thursday, May 1, 2008

This wonderful creature gives me a wonderful gift...

The Farm June 2006 080
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This will be short tonight (I got a big shot in my foot today and it's still kind of sore!) but I will leave you with this lovely thought... People are not the only species to give gifts. This is JoJo, she is a wonderful, loving Angora rabbit who used to live with me. She now lives with a very good friend of mine in Michigan whom for now I will just call the Rabbit Whisperer. (You will find out more about her soon.) She not only raises these beautiful creatures but spins the most beautiful yarn from their wool. JoJo is very proud of her wool and is quite happy to share it. Along with other fiber bearing animals such as Sheep (to many kinds to name tonight!), and Goats, Alpacas, and Llamas. THIS IS WHY I LOVE WOOL!! It is amazing to me that these beautiful creatures unconditionally give us their incredible wool to use year after year. All they ask in return is a good loving home, food shelter and friendship. My gift for this week is something I am making for my friend the Rabbit Whisperer, and I will make it with some of JoJo's wool. Check in later to see what it is. Many Blessings, Cassie

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