Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Ohio Outdoor Quilt Festival

Last Saturday (it's taken me over a week to post about it) the girls and I went to The Ohio Outdoor Quilt Festival. The festival took place at an Elk farm called Bonnie Brae Farms in Wellington, Ohio. There were over 400 quilts on display! I was worried at first that the girls would be bored and wouldn't want to be there but they loved it. Since all of the quilts were displayed out side ( it was a very casual atmosphere) you could walk right up to the quilts and touch them and really look at the fabric and the quilting. I've never seen so many beautifully made things in my life. Some of the quilts on display were very old, one actually dated from 1843. There were several crazy quilts made during World War II and one that was made three years ago for breast cancer awareness. The girls and I had a really good time and I was glad they were able to get so close to these wonderful works of art. On an embroidery note I have finished my mother's embroidery for their camper but I won't have pictures until tomorrow. It's been cloudy here for a couple of days (no rain though, not a drop since the third week in July!) and there just hasn't been enough natural light to satisfy me. The sun came out about an hour ago so tomorrow I should have pictures! I have also started a Halloween embroidery, at this rate I may actually have to replenish my stash of embroidery floss!


The Other Side of Me said...

What a cool thing to see. All those quilts must have been so beautiful. I wish I had learned that somewhere. No one in my family quilts. I guess it is never too late to learn.


Lilli said...

Hi from Ontario! I'm closer to your part of the continent now :)

I love these quilt pix!!! Esp the red and whites on the barn. These past couple weeks I've been thinking of making some outdoor quilts for the Fall. Maybe people could put them on their doors or little-barns (sheds)


Tammy said...

What fun! I loved reading about it, after seeing the sneak preview photos!

Deb said...

The quilt festival looks like a wonderful place to visit - especially with over 400 quilts on display!

Suzanne said...

What a fun time you and your adorable girls must have had! The quilts you showed are beautiful, and to have all of them in one place to touch and see must have been so much fun! Glad it was good weather!