Saturday, August 23, 2008

A relaxing bottle of wine...

Camp mj close up
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My mother likes nothing more sometimes than to just sit by the camp fire with a glass of wine. Raspberry Reisling is her favorite but when I tried to write that on the bottle it just didn't fit! She also likes Road House Red by Breitenbach Winery and that is a very red wine. Breitenbach is a winery in Millerburg, Ohio. This is the heart of Amish Country and The winery has been there as long as I can remember. It is always packed with people during tourist season. I remember one year my father fell in love with an Apricot wine they had. He was crushed when he went back to buy another bottle and they had sold out. He asked the woman behind the counter how many days before they get more in and she responded with "try a couple of years." My father said "what do you mean a couple of years?" It was at this point that she explained to him how the apricots have to be picked, the wine made, and then aged! Two years later he went back and got several bottles of Apricot wine!

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