Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Collage Finally Finished!

The one good thing about needing a distraction from a house that is too quiet is that it allowed me to finally finish this ice cream collage...

I had started the embroidered ice cream cone before Christmas. Then came the teacher gifts, and other Christmas presents for family that I was making. Before I knew it we were half way through January!

I made this collage on an 8 x10 streched canvas frame. I used acrylic paints, tissue paper, old ledger paper, wrapping paper and some old sewing pattern paper. I layered everything up, then incorporated my embroidery, my words, and my old buttons...

The purple is a little darker in this picture than what it actually is. I was having a very hard time with lighting while trying to take a good photograph! I can't wait for the long lightfilled days of the summer - there is nothing better then natural lighting. I hope everyone has a very Blessed week.


The Other Side of Me said...


This is a beautiful piece. Perfect to list as your first piece to sell on Etsy!

So sorry to hear about your dog.

Take Care,

Garden Girl said...

It is beautiful. You should make a special collage for Hailey. Then give it to the girls as a remembrance piece.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it!
Such a good quote.
You did a really nice job.
The pretty old-fashioned feel of the embroidery and funky mixed media layers make it a unique piece of art.
Keep it up.
I have read over and over again how so many mixed media and collage artist site gesso and acrylic paint as foundations for there collages, and took the plunge at bought 5 tubes of paint, some gesso and a bunch of brushes.
I was a little gun-shine,(so not a painter or artistic in that way), but it was so fun...like being in elementary art class again.
Thanks for the post.
I have been doing a lot of little and fun projects and have a big blog pic update coming soon.

Heather said...

how very sweet! I love the depths of the color, and the quote is very clever!~

Lee said...

Nice piece!