Friday, May 13, 2011

Photographic Friday...

April showers do bring May flowers! Whew - busy week and then some problems with Blogger make this post more pictures than words but sometimes that's okay...

Now that we have had a few days in a row with sunshine and no rain, flowers of all kinds are starting to bloom...

I can get really inspired by all of this natural vibrant color - what about you? What kind of things inpire you?

I hope everyone has a wonderfully colorful weekend. Blessings.


Katie said...

These are wonderful! Look at you go miss photographer!!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like Spring being sprung to lift the soul and make you reach for that camera.
By the way, hubby came through in a big way. Found out to fix my camera, would cost the price I paid for it originally.
I now am a proud owner of an Olympus 7.1 megapixel camera with an awesome huge zoom lens. The only tiny drawback is that the screen is broken, I have to look through the view finder which is actually not that little. We got in FREE from the school because a student dropped it, which is where the broken screen happened.
Beggars cant be choosers
I am still deliriously happy.
Your pics are beautiful are usual.