Friday, May 27, 2011

Photographic Friday...Lots of Bubbles!

Last Saturday, we were getting ready to go to my parent's camper when the girls broke out the bubble machine. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and lots of bubbles...

What is it about bubbles that makes everyone giggle and laugh? There must have been hundreds of bubbles floating around the back yard, even the neighbor and his father stopped working on their roof to watch them float by.

Sometimes the simplest of things give us the most joy. Have a Blessed weekend:)


Jenny Petricek said...

Happy Friday, Cassie! I'm so honored to be the first one to comment on these gorgeous bubbles! They bring me back to my childhood, and the hours of fun such a simple activity provided for my friends and me! I love how you can look into the photos, and see the colors swirling around in each bubble!:-)

Thank you so much for viewing my vlog...your positive remarks have made my weekend!:-) I say you should definitely take the plunge and try it!

Anonymous said...

Great shots Cassie.
There is just something about bubbles.
Have you ever tried the fly swatter trick with bubbles?
Ya know how that little cheap wand they put in the container is not that great for little ones to use?
Well, if you pour the bubble mix into a shallow dish and dip a fly swatter it makes tons of bubbles that even my 2 year can make.

It finally started to warm up and feel like late May around here. I loved your mixed media photo project.
We had our first official "books for ice cream" (even though there was a tornado warning!) outing yesterday, I am glad you liked my idea so much and hope it gets your girls reading too.
Bribery works