Monday, July 25, 2011

Staying very busy...

It seems like the month of July has literally flown by. Please forgive my late blog posts - there just has not been enough time in the day this month to keep up with everything...

I have several projects on the table; this embroidered photo is finally complete and I have just about completed the collaged background for it.

I start my collages with a base coat of acrylic paint and usually some old book pages.

Then I move on to adding lots of layers; wrapping paper, ledger paper, tissue paper, sometimes even my girl's school works gets added in.

Once the collaged papers are all dry I start layering with paint and ink; a little paint, some stenciling, stamping, or both, then usually some distressing and inking. My process is not exact and it varies depending on things like size, subject matter, and color. Once this layer dries I will add the embroidered photo and any other embelishments I find. I'll post the completed project on Friday. In the mean time I really hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated during these nasty heat waves. Blessings:)

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Jenny Petricek said...

Cassie, this is another breathtakingly beautiful project! I love the stepped-out photos, so that I could see your process! I think this one would also be perfect for publication (hint, hint!):-)