Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trying to live in the moment...

Life here in northern Ohio continues to be very busy.  I always feel, around this time of year, like I'm on a wheel.  As the end of the year draws closer, that wheel just seems to go faster and faster.  Time is such an elusive thing!

I've been quite busy with the girls and school and all the extras - like ballet and Girl Scouts.  Kudos to those moms who have several kids all in different activities at the same time!  So far I only have one night a week where I truly feel like a limo driver.  I am continuing to work on my picture frames, my deadline date is fast approaching.  My attitude is "whatever I get finished, is what I am going with". No sense in getting myself stressed out, 
I want to enjoy this first experience.

I have been very conscience lately of trying to slow down and enjoy just being in the moment.  Like watching the fall leaves change colors - it only happens once a year!  The tree in our backyard turns a brilliant shade of yellow...

Before we know it the holidays will be upon us and another year will have gone by.  As the girls are starting to grow up I am realizing that I don't want to miss any part of it. Making sure that I'm actually engaged in the moment is the only way I can think of to not miss something.  What sort of things do you do to "be in the moment"?


Jenny Petricek said...

Your frames are coming along beautifully! Can't wait to hear all about your sales! As a teacher (and a returning one this year, at that!), I can totally relate to the feeling of being "on a wheel," of the days being so jam-packed with stuff to do that it leaves your head spinning. Knowing how poorly I manage stress, I've been giving myself simple rewards after I complete a particularly unpleasant or boring task (a hot bath, reading a new art magazine, watching a favorite TV show). I'm also trying to force myself to spend some time on a regular basis creating; now that the school year is going a bit more smoothly, I hope this means I can return to some of my in-progress projects and finish them--and get to my blog more often!:-)

Best of luck with your beautiful frames! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. It was not until about 2 weeks ago, that our family got into a good schedule since the beginning of school in September. Your frames are coming along so nice. I really love them, so unique. And let me add kudos to you for just driving around one day a week like a taxi driver. They do grow up too fast, and carting them around all over creation every night of the week will just make them slip away faster. I can't wait to see your etsy shop. When are you thinking, before Christmas?