Thursday, October 13, 2011

More frames and a little Halloween...

I have been busy making frames!  I now know why those of you who do the craft show circuit spend months and months making stuff before your shows...

I do like very much having a deadline though, it keeps me motivated.  Last week the weather here in Ohio was just beautiful - this week it's back to cloudy and rainy.  This is a good thing as I did not get as much finished when it was so nice outside.

I have been trying very hard to stay balanced through all of this.  It's been going pretty well - I even took a little time to make some Halloween decorations.  These are mason jar Jack-o-lanterns.  
Very easy and fun to make:)

The girl's Halloween costumes are finished - with the whole idea of finding balance their costumes this year are "semi-homemade".  A little bit crafted by me and a little bit store bought.  They are happy with them and I have maintained my sanity - I will post pics soon.  
Have a wonderfully Blessed week.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, crappy weather = more time and impulse to create.

Love the frames. And the partially home-made halloween costume is a fantastic idea. I am just impressed you are done and it is not 11:30 the night before Halloween. (thats what I do). Just yesterday I was at TJMaxx and with their Halloween decorations they had a bolt of 10 yards of gauzy glittery meshy fabric for $7.99! My perfect partial home-made witch costume for the two little ones.
Home made witch hat is a maybe.