Friday, June 3, 2011

Photographic Friday...

Because Andrew was out of town, the girls and I didn't have any big plans for Memorial Day. We did however, visit a new conservatory/greenhouse at the Lorain County Metroparks. Lots of rare orchids and dessert plants. I saw this urn of flowers resting near an exit door and I really loved it's look.

Of course we had to find species of plants and flowers that were purple for Alexa, as this stunning orchid above.

I'm not sure what the name of this plant is, but for obvious reasons Fiona fell in love with it, pink is after all her favorite color. I am always so amazed at the extroidinary artistry of Mother Nature.

Isn't it great how the best things are found right in your own backyard? Or in this case looking out our front window! This was the sun trying to squeeze itself into our living room at the end of the day, before it settled in for its' evening sleep. What wonderful things have you seen today?


Heather said...

pretty flowers! Hope you had a nice holiday weekend :)

Jenny Petricek said...

Cassie, love these photos, as usual! I think my favorite is the last one...the light and shadow is intriguing!

I study your composition closely, as I'm a novice photographer and am just learning how my camera works!